The Board of Director's Adopted its new Stratagic Plan after a day long retreat in February.  Special focus was placed on Vision 2020, Creative  Conservation;  A Plan to Conserve 100 Acres a Year unitl 2020,  and the additional fundraising that will be needed to acheive that strategy.  The consise list of strategies is shown below:


Northern Neck Land Conservancy

Strategic Plan Summary


Land Preservation - The NNLC will  conserve 200 acres annually with the goal of forever conserving 1000 new acres of the most valuable conservation lands in the Northern Neck by the year 2020.

  1. Identify and seek out land and funding for conservation.

  2. Work in priority areas:  Cat Point Creek and Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration areas.

  3. Partner with allied organizations to conserve land.

Educational Outreach - The NNLC will be promoted through an annual educational event, community events, youth partnerships, speaking engagements and media.

  1. Hold successful “Boots and BBQ” with increased community support.

  2. Participate in Farmers Markets and various regional outreach events and partner with allied organizations for education.

  3. Educate youth and general public about conservation.


Development- The NNLC will increase revenue from membership donors, sponsors, corporate donors, (VISION 2020) bequests, license plate revenues and grants.

  1. Increase membership and donor support.

  2. Increase corporate donors.

  3. Increase estate donors.

  4.   Increase grant and increase license plate revenue