The Northern Neck Land Conservancy is very proud of its achievements since its founding in 2004. We have worked with landowners throughout our five county region to assist them with understanding the value of protecting land and conserving our natural resources. We have provided educational seminars, workshops, trainings, kayak trips, pontoon boat tours, hikes and community barbecues to reach out to property owners and conservation minded individuals.

As we begin our ninth year of service to landowners, our small non-profit land trust has acquired recognition among the community and earned its respect. By 2011, all five of the Northern Neck counties in Virginia entered into cooperative agreements with the NNLC to co-hold easements for property owners. This means that if landowners wishe to place their property under a conservation easement and protect their land from future development, that they can pursue the process with our help and that we and the county in which the property lies, will share the responsibility of making sure that the easement is enforced. The landowner always owns the land, but the co-holders help by checking that the designations of the easement are always followed. This wonderful opportunity is available to landowners in Northumberland, Lancaster, Westmoreland, Richmond and King George Counties.

Our efforts over the years have been rewarded from various organizations throughout the state and by the governor. We are pleased to share our recognitions and are proud of these awards.