How You Can Help

Become a member for just $35 per year!  Or you can consider the $50 Supporter Level; the $100 Associate Level, the $250 Visionary Steward Level; the $500 Sustainer Level or become a Champion for $1000!

You can make a big difference in the number of acres of land that are protected each year with conservation easements. Monetary contributions will be dispersed into one of three allocations for your personal support and membership in the NNLC. And if you desire, your donation could be designated as an honorarium to celebrate someone or a memorial contribution to acknowledge the life of a conservationist. Our various distributions include:

Conservation Easement Stewardship - Funding used exclusively to annually "monitor" or check on a property placed under easement to ensure that the protection of the land is in compliance with the easement specifications as defined by the landowner. A report is generated and provided to the current property owner. Donations for this purpose can be from the landowner who places the easement, and from any of our supporters.

Conservation Easement Enforcement - As a restricted reserve, the money is dedicated solely for the purpose of defending an easement that may be challenged in court by future landowners; it could be described as a land protection insurance fund and remains untouched unless needed. Donations for this purpose can be from the landowner who places the easement, and from any of our supporters.

Land Trust Operations - Funding that is used to provide educational outreach to the community, support payment of personnel to meet with landowners about conservation easements, afford educational training to staff, create printed publications and updated social media communications for marketing and information distribution, and pay for general operation of the organization.

Other ways to help maintain the financial security of the NNLC and be a catalyst for land conservation include:

  • a gift of stock that we can use as an investment for the future
  • a donation of land that we can utilize for conservation outreach and/or as the potential for future capital, or
  • a legacy gift by naming the NNLC as a beneficiary in your will or life insurance policy.