Use your Virginia license plate purchase to support land conservation. $15 from each Northern Neck license plate supports your Northern Neck Land Conservancy.

Simply visit the Virginia DMV website and select the Northern Neck special plate:

Virginia has one of the most diverse selections of license plates of any state with over 200 options and approximately 25% of all motorists sporting specialized plates. Motorists can show off their personality with tags supporting organizations and causes of all stripes. A portion of revenue-sharing plate fees may qualify for tax deductions. Take action today to put your license plate registration to work for land conservation and Northern Neck Land Conservancy!

Northern Neck Land Conservancy helps individual landowners establish conservation easements and monitors conserved property, while also fostering community conservation in the region. Working together, our community can help ensure that the unique character of the Northern Neck is treasured and protected for years to come.

The Land Conservancy serves Lancaster, King George, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland, along with Essex on the Middle Peninsula. Our mission to preserve the rural heritage of the Northern Neck by conserving its lands, water, economies and culture for future generations.