• Stratford Hall

    Stratford Hall: Robert E. Lee birthplace - Westmoreland County

  • Sabine Hall

    Sabine Hall: National Historic Landmark - Richmond County

  • Barn
  • Cat Point Creek
  • Hay
  • Wicomico
  • Horse Star
  • Cobham
  • Deadrise
  • Geese


The Northern Neck Land Conservancy is a small non-profit land trust on the Northern Neck of Virginia, a peninsula located between the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers and bordering the Chesapeake Bay. Water surrounds our area and in order to keep it bountiful and safe for fishing, crabbing, swimming and drinking, we need a clean environment with protected stream banks, expansive woodlands, attentive farming and citizens who choose to safeguard the environment from pollutants. We help landowners who want to voluntarily protect their lands with permanent conservation easements to ensure that their property sustains the rural character of the Northern Neck and maintains a healthy environment for future generations.

The NNLC Is Awarded Accreditation by the Land Trust Alliance


The Northern Neck Land Conservancy is in the top 5% of land trusts in the United States and in Virginia whom have earned the Accreditation seal of approval!

The Northern Neck Land Conservancy is now a nationally recognized accredited land trust. The Land Trust Accreditation Commission was incorporated in April 2006 as an independent program of The Land Trust Alliance. The Commission operates a land trust accreditation program which builds and recognizes strong land trusts, fosters public confidence in land conservation and helps ensure the long-term protection of land. It conducts a thorough and extensive review of a land trust's documents, easement projects, finances, bylaws and procedures. Completion of the process allowed the NNLC to achieve external verification that it is meeting national quality standards and the accreditation seal is a mark of distinction in land conservation.

For more information regarding the process click here.